House Plan 3 Rooms

The limited land area sometimes becomes its own problem when building a house.

At first, I wanted to make a big house, but because the area was small, the dream had to be compromised again.

Then the house was built with a minimalist concept, with his bedroom there are 3 spaces.

Before building this minimalist 3 bedroom house, it helps you find references first on how well the design of the house will be made.

Below are a variety of inspirational minimalist 3 bedroom home designs for you.

So check first the pretty designs, so your house will be nicer and more beautiful.

Plan and minimalist home design 3 rooms

1. Picture of the Plan 3 Bedrooms Facing

minimalist house plans 3 rooms

This minimalist 3 bedroom home design depicts three opposite rooms and the living room is enclosed in the middle.

Minimalist house plans 1 floor can also be arranged for the location of his bedroom, in which two rooms are positioned parallel to the left and right.

2. Floor Plan with Bedroom Located in Elbow Room

3 room village house plans

Minimalist house plans are quite interesting, the location of 2 rooms are at the back of the house and form an elbow in the room.

For 1 other room, you can set it next to one of the rooms.

3. Floor Plan 1 Room in the Front and 2 Rooms in the Rear

house plans 3 rooms with a land area of 60 meters

Then you can make a plan with 3 bedrooms in the front and 2 rooms in the back.

For rooms in the front the size is wider than 2 rooms in the back which is somewhat elongated.

4. Bedroom Near the Backyard

house plans 3 rooms with a land area of 100 meters

For this design, 1 main bedroom is in the front, 1 room in the middle near the living room and there is another room near the backyard.

Rooms near the backyard are not very large and can be used for children's bedrooms.

5. Kitchen Plan is located on the back of the house

house plans 3 rooms 7 meters wide

The position of the kitchen on the floor plan is in the bedroom but the kitchen is located in the back row.

We know that the kitchen will emit smoke that can make a house smell.

Therefore pair the kitchen with a window so that the aroma can get out and not enter the room.

6. Layout and Design of Houses with Longer Carport

house plans 3 rooms narrow land

This design is suitable for homes with a width of 8.5 to 9 meters.

You can make the garage size extends and can still add a garden at the back of the house to make it look beautiful and beautiful.

7. Design 3 Adjacent Bedrooms

house plans 3 rooms 2nd floor

Minimalist house 1 floor 3 bedrooms has a simple position, ie 3 rooms are the same and are located next to each other.

In addition, you can add a small terrace next to the room for a place to relax.

8. Floor Plan of the Main Bedroom and 2 Children's Bedrooms

house plans 3 spacious rooms 72
Image source:

For those of you who have 2 children who are starting to grow up, this floor plan and design can be tried.

The main bedroom is located on the middle side and the two children's rooms are far apart on the other side.

9. Minimalist House Plans Type 36

house plans 3 rooms 1st floor
Image source:

This plan has the flexibility in the design of the room.

The room is 3 large enough bedrooms with 3 bathrooms and 1 kitchen.

Do not forget the right window location makes the lighting look beautiful.

10. House Design 3 Room Size 7 X 9

house plan 3 complete rooms
Image source:

This type of home design is unique, that is, each of the spaces has a different character.

Of course you will not feel bored at home.

One of the uniqueness of him is the terrace in the main room.

In addition, one of the rooms has a size that is wide enough so that you can arrange it by placing two beds.

11. Design a House with a Wider Children's Room

house plans 3 rooms limited land
Image source:

The design of this house is very interesting.

This minimalist house has one of the more spacious rooms.

The room can be used for your child's room.

With a touch of soft colors that will make you feel comfortable.

In addition there is a fairly spacious family room, suitable for maximum growth and development of children.

12. Minimalist Zen-Style House Design

house design 3 rooms with a land area of ​​100m
Image source:

This design uses white paint on the walls.

That way you can choose furniture freely.

The layers of the floor of each room are different so blindly the house looks more beautiful and unique.

13. Small patios in each room

house plans 3 rooms
Image source:

Private terrace is one place to calm the mind.

This minimalist home design has a small terrace in each room, isn't it fun?

14. Plan and Design 3 rooms with 2 terraces

house layout leter l 3 bedrooms
Image source:

This house has an interesting touch of earth color.

In addition, the design also has 2 comfortable terraces.

One of the rooms has a terrace that can be used for relaxing.

15. Minimalist House 1 Floor with 3 Bedrooms

house plans l shape 3 rooms
Image source:

The house is quite unique, because the family room, dining room and kitchen are combined in one large space.

Minimalist bathroom that is owned is only one, simple right?

In addition there is a terrace large enough to relax together.

16. Minimalist Modern Houses

house plans 3 room model l
Image source:

Looks elegant.

Imagine, the floor looks glossy with a marble surface that covers it and transparent doors in every room.

So the house looks spacious.

Home furniture is also made of similar materials and the same style.

Prefect modern minimalist house right?

17. House with a combination of white and lime

house plans 3 bedroom model l
Image source:

Showing a slick combination of wall paint.

Light lime color will make your home atmosphere brighter.

The wooden floor in each room makes you feel warm and comfortable when you are tired.

18. Floor Plan with a Small Terrace in Front

minimalist house plans 3 rooms leter l
Image source:

Showing wallcovering in each room is different.

A small terrace with a ground floor makes the house more colorful and warm.

19. Type 60 houses

drawing of house layout Leter l room 3
Image source:

This house plan depicts the location of 2 adjacent bedrooms and 1 bedroom located behind.

There are also 2 pages namely the front and rear are quite wide.

Your car also has its own area so the house looks neat.

20. A House with a Red Brick Exterior

house plans 3 rooms 1st floor

The red brick exterior design makes this house look attractive.

The layers of the floor in each bedroom are made of wood so that it adds the impression of warmth.

The long front porch also makes its inhabitants feel comfortable when relaxing.

21. Houses with a wide terrace

house plans 3 rooms + prayer room
Image source:

Featuring a spacious front porch.

For those of you who are tired after a day out of the house, this terrace can be a place to relax.

Besides that the room design is also unique, by attaching a long window to each room making the room feel cool and bright.

22. Minimalist Modern Houses with Arched Terrace

house plans 3 modern minimalist rooms
Image source:

For those of you who like to take photos, this terrace might be the setting.

In addition, each room has a different design, especially on the floor.

The dining room in the middle also adds to the warm impression.

23. House Plan and Garage Design

house plans 3 rooms minimalist 3d
Image source:

Who says a minimalist home can't have a garage?

This house can have a garage that is used for one car.

The layout of the room is also interesting, the dining room and living room are in one large room.

24. Plan and Design a House with a Dining Room in the Middle

house plan 3 rooms lengthwise
Image source:

This plan depicts the dining room in the middle.

Making it easier for residents to carry out family meals together.

The location of the room also forms the letter L which makes it easier for family members if you want to move rooms.

25. House Plan with Toilet in Each Room

house plans 3 rectangular rooms
Image source:

This house has 3 rooms with toilets in each room.

This makes it easier for you and your family when doing activities in the morning.

26. House Plans with Quite Wide Garage

house plans 3 rooms plus mosque
Image source:

For those of you who have more than one vehicle, this design is suitable for application.

Has a garage that is quite spacious.

In addition to the bedroom floor and other spaces made different.

The bedroom floor pattern is made similarly so that it feels warm.

While the other room covered with white ceramic floor.

27. Backyard and Garden Plan

house plans 3 rooms long

This house has a minimalist garden plan behind the house which would be very pleasant.

Besides the garden there is a terrace that can be used to relax while enjoying the beauty of flowers.

28. House Plan with 2 Small Parks

3 room house design plus mosque
Image source:

Having more than one park is not impossible.

The layout and design of this house gives the appearance of 2 small gardens located in front of and behind the house.

So the house looks beautiful and beautiful.

29. House Plan with Garage and 3 Parks

House design 3 rooms as a prayer room
Image source:

This house has a large garden in the front and 2 small parks in the side and back of the house.

In addition, the garage is accompanied by the house.

The house looks fresh and beautiful.

30. House Plan with Room beside the Garage

3 room house plan in the countryside
Image source:

This plan shows a house that has 2 adjacent rooms and 1 room in front of it which is located next to the car garage.

You will feel safe against your vehicle with the location of one of these bedrooms.

Those are some minimalist 3 room home designs that you can make a reference. Don't forget to pay attention to the budget that you have before choosing the design that will be applied.